Vanilla’s difficult delivery

Vanilla’s difficult delivery IMG 0678 e1499911543314
Increasing numbers of cats
June 17, 2017
Vanilla’s difficult delivery IMG 1093
Tato is gone
October 11, 2017
Vanilla’s difficult delivery IMG 0870 e1502925730782

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You’re sweetness yesterday
You’re joining the group
I got suspicious


This morning you were cleaning the second
In the afternoon two more
but somewhere it got messy


You are bleeding, you are hiding
Baby #4 is left there
Placenta attached

You seem to be in pain
You’re trying to push
Two more hours,


I dont like this
Another bulge moves
You are no longer trying


Two more hours
Come on, let me help
Sorry we must go



I normally am more careful
But this is an emergency


Vet does his job
x-ray confirms #5
Surgery, she is alive


From a C-section
to a sterilization
no more chains

You, me
and 5 more
go back home


You’re not even my Kitty
You don’t understand
and now, you don’t want them


Oh well, I’ll love them
Of course, I’ll feed them
Come round sometime, visit them

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