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Evita is pulling out her hair
March 9, 2017
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Right balance: listen and help
April 29, 2017
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cohabitation: the state or fact of living or existing at the same time or in the same place: a harmonious cohabitation with other living creatures.


Funny enough in the cat world just like in ours, some negative events may happen that seem to trigger positive ones. And this is exactly what happened as a result of the now called February flu.

For those who really know cats, you must be aware that sharing a limited amount of space and being so many is challenging.

Well the flu made something happen that I have been waiting for almost two years. The return of Oliva and the reintegration of Evita.


Not just one good news! Two


You can’t force cats. If they’re not happy with something they just simply won’t take it.

The cat playing field IMG 2503 1Oliva was living somewhere in the woods. Not far. But not under the safety roof!

At the time I was working long hours and would not see her in three days or more. The back of my mind was never at peace. So after a few days I had to go touch base with her.

Make her understand that I’m around. She’d follow me home, eat, and leave again.


Evita in turn was around always. Simply she would not sleep inside the house. She’d hiss around immediately when i’d try to make her at least eat inside, to showThe cat playing field IMG 2612 1 1024x876 nothing bad was going to happen. She would eat, and leave as well.

Luckily for her, this house has a roofed terrace. So I placed a lot boxes here and there. All filled with warm blankets, so motherly, so cat people, isn’t it? So that’s where Evita was sleeping normally. Along with Valentino. Athena when she was here and Tato who left us for a year and is now back.

But this February, the disease made them reconsider my offer. I was glad to see Evita investigate where her place could be. And Oliva re-established her-self queen of my bed.



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