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Le vide et le doute
septembre 18, 2016
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Les problèmes buccaux-dentaires de Tato
décembre 6, 2016
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Solidarity: unity or agreement of feeling or action, especially among individuals with a common interest; mutual support within a group: factory workers voiced solidarity with the striking students.


The cat scene has been busy. Cats come and go.

So do people.

I have a neighbour – a #catlover neighbour – who will leave.
While in terms of kilometres the distance may increase (temporarily); in terms of ideas and projects, we have common thoughts. We might be collaborating in a cat related project. The future will tell. But for now I’m quite sad because he was the only one to understand. My only support!

A nother extreeeemely important thing as well! is that not too far away an animal shelter is being built. This shelter is run by a vet and the people behind are running several very interesting projects, to name just one, year round sterilisation campaign. Even if your broke they will not leave you animal unattended.

I must bring el Tato to check what´s going on with he´s throat so I hope to be able meet or discuss a possible cooperation between them and me. I or rather We definitely need to have a vet attached to the project.

For now what I am seeking is only a simple moral support. As long as they know me and I can come with animals that´ll do for now. But I definitely want to bring all this to the next level.

so to be followed.

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