Patty and the unfriendly ear mites

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May 23, 2017
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Increasing numbers of cats
June 17, 2017
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Another day in our Cat Paradise…

I hope they live it like that because I am working hard on it.
Maybe that’s why right now I have other non-cat residents.

Everyone is with itchy ears. I had to spray some chemicals in the entire garden but still. Seems too late. The intruders had long gone live in their favorite spot:  my cats’ ears. Yuk, absolutely disgusting!

It might have worked for the soil but it was too late already. The disgusting ear mites have infected all those who love sleeping in the shade on the floor. It is hot already, too hot. They’re all looking for the shade, and I mean even uninvited guests…

The worst case is Patty. Today she boasted a lump the size of 1 € below her left ear. Another trip to the vet!

Lucky me (not for sensitive people), my vet allows me to stay and help. Well I had a bit of a sweat and nausea because you have no idea what was in there. I won’t say.

But just remember, this is 3D, real life. When you see animal docs…. think of the smell. How different would our lives be if we had that sense of smell.

Eventually all got cleaned, under anaesthesia obviously.

And as usual I always bring one or two pets to the vet. The ones that show symptoms at a worst stage. But then all the others get the treatment. And I tell you. This intrusion got expensive. Emergency, mini-surgery and a few packs of stronghold got me to spend near 200 €.

Why stronghold? Because it’s got selamectin. And that is what kills ear mites!

A couple of drops in each ear. But for all the cats.


Cause this is a bit like an epidemic. And you need to make rid of it or you’re off to the vet many more times.



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