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Loulou de retour dans son nouveau foyer
mai 3, 2017
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Mon rendez-vous journalier
mai 23, 2017
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I woke up this morning to Norit’s screams. First you think he will stop because he is kind of a loud one when it comes to claim a hunted pray. But then after a few more seconds and my brain recovering some sense, I realised this is not his usual scream. He has been out a lot recently and even becoming a bit of ghost around here. Coming for food, not wanting to be touched. There has been a lot coming and going next door. They might even have scared some cats. As a result now Norit thinks he is not welcome. So-not-true!

Anyway. I got near and immediately saw his mouth open, too red, too big. No blood.  So grabbed a carrying basket and off to the vet. He didn’t even fight. So imagine how unwell he was.

At the vet, we’ve been told it could be something he ate or an insect bite or a blow. No poisoning. Pfffiou!! I really thought that was it.

He got a couple of shots. Anti0-inflammatory and a general anti-biotic for two days. Then he should be on sinulox for another 5 days. Let’s see how eats that… even though these tablets are palatable, some cats just won’t have them.

The rest of the day went better by the hour. Norit slept. Here in the garden. He seems to be thankful and realises I am not the enemy. Gosh. Did I say some bad things happen for the best…

He suddenly got really hungry and I gave him whatever he could eat. The swelling had gone down. The mood was up again.

Let’s hope in the next days he does not go for so long. While cuddling him and comforting him today I had a chance to go through his body and found quite a few scars. Even bits of hair had fallen where deeper wounds use to be.

So far so good. The day didn’t start too well, but I believe it is for a greater good. Now Norit knows I care. He knows the carrier, the vet and me grabbing him is not that bad.

That is the bad side of too much freedom. Your pets shed their domestication very quickly.

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