Loulou in her new forever home

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April 29, 2017
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Yesterday I returned Loulou to her new home. My former neighbour has found a place to stay.

He was missing her very much but was worried she would not adapt. She is now in a flat, not very big…

but very safe, if you ask me. And this is not for ever. Let’s hope one day soon they can move to bigger spaces. But for now the most important is that they are together.

Loulou missed him so much, that when he announced it I was very happy. I know she will miss the going out but in exchange he will be there to hug her and only her. Being around her, I got to know how much she missed him.

The news arrived in due time. It was getting hectic to have her back home in the evenings. She would not answer the call even after having spent over twelve hours out. I had to stay up quite late and every now and then she’d stay locked outside because I close the garden for the night.

Loulou never even tried to climb at the fence. See, not all the cats do that.  I didn’t feel comfortable closing. But she simply ignored the call.

So now that she is gone I already miss hearing her “hoohooohooo”…  (her hello).

I am sad, but glad. You get used to all of them but I am happy she’ll have her own home and more important, her human.

She has this particular cuddling thing with sucking your neck and pawing your jumper. I will miss that too. We had super sweet moments together. Now she will get all the attention she deserves and that she once had… she never forgot it.

I guess I still will be able to see here once in a while.  The future will tell.

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