Mumcat is a mix of tracks and footprints.
A documentary of some sort.

Blog about feelings, questions, experiences and findings.

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The ultimate goal is to become a transition shelter for cats

A foster home, A cat hotel.
  • 12.2008Bagheera

    1st pet she is 3 months old visit her Fanpage
  • 05.2009Lilith

    Lilith as 2nd pet needs to come at only two months visit her Fanpage
  • 10.2010Charlie and Ibiza join us

    New country - freedom. Many visitors but these two are here to stay ...
  • 02.2011Oliva & Maya

    Lilith has 5 babies, temporarily the house reaches 9 souls. 2 will stay forever ...
  • 12.2011Charlie inexplicable death

    He was found dead by the roadside.
  • 09.2012China lonesome baby

    Tiny and screaming finally crosses inside the garden ...
  • 10.2012Ibiza goes to cross the bridge

    Ibi dies ...
  • 05.2013Tato adopts the sofa

    Never found his original home visit her Fanpage
  • 09.2013China disappears

    China vanishes, despite efforts was never found.
  • 09.2013Fostering Evita

    Evita's fostering turns into adoption.
  • 10.2013Apollo & Athena

    Feeding mum and 3 young kitties to find them homes. Only able to take two ...
  • 04.2014Athena´s 5 babies

    In order of birth Valentino, Bimba, Wooly, Simba & Marco Polo ...
  • 06.2014Wooly & Apolo get adoption

    Through a local association ADAP dad and son get adopted ...
  • 04.2015Nera arrives with offsprings

    ...Odin, ...Norit & ...Mitsouko are some 4-6 weeks old ...
  • 06.2015Fenix only days old

    Brought home. He was found at midday almost dehydrated tongue out ...
  • 08.2015Leo similar story,

    Leo stayed only a few days home, found feeder who found adoptants ...
  • 12.2015Lewis & sister

    Sister adopted leaving Lewis all by him-self ...
  • 06.2016Athena disappears

    Still hoping to see her sweet face ...
  • 08.2016Fenix dies - Lethal bite

    Lethal attack - dog or fox ...
  • 11.2016Tato comes back home

    Getting old is not easy...
  • 12.2016Panda arrives with sisters

  • 12.2016Loulou, is to join

    Loulou used to live with Panda & Co. I bring her home.
  • May 2017Loulou back to her home

    After spending 5 months here, Loulou returned to her human.
  • May 2017Vainilla story

    1st post for Vainilla's appearance and off-springs
  • September 2017Tato's gones

    End of September Tato shows up with obvious health issues, Tato is gone...?
  • December 2017Clyde's arrival

    From nowhere. Not feral at all, a ginger male cat arrives Clyde's arrivalonly Spanish for now

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