Bagheera IMG 0630
junio 25, 2017

Bagheera un amor incondicional

nacida el 26 de septiembre de 2008
Carrey (de anaranjado a marrones)
Madre Snowshoe, "hermana" de Lilith, diferente camada), padre desconocido, probablemente un rubito).
Biggy, Bag, Toumette y unos cuanto más.

Su carácter

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Su historia

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Una apariencia molesta

Bagheera was born on the 26 of September of 2008.

At that time I was taking jewellery making classes. The teacher told us one day she or rather her Kitty had had a litter. We were invited to come and adopt one. So I went and Bagheera was the strangest cat I had ever seen. In colours I mean. I didn’t know about torties then. I actually didn’t know much about cats. All four babies were different. And Bagheera seemed to have dressed with all the left over colors. But because of her outfit, it seemed no one had picked her yet. Totally unaware of human likes and dislikes, Bagheera simply ignored me and kept playing with her sisters and brother. I had not really thought of adopting or anything. So I left.

And I went back a few days later. By then, I had made up my mind. Yes I would adopt Bagheera. She already had a name and all. So I paid regular visits and around her third month I brought her home. I was leaving my forever job. I remember I took her to work on my last day. I actually took her every where and talked about her all the time (I know… how borring). From that moment on I was her only love dispenser and she purred all that love back to me. The first time I left, I found her in the same spot waiting for me, staring at the door.


Dos es mucho mejor

I started a home based job which required long hours of computer work. Bagheera would complain for those long hours without any playful moments or attention. Around April, I decided that it was time to look for a second one. And as if a message had come to me I kept thinking of a black cat that I would call Luna but actually, nope!  As a black would be the opposite and therefore Lilith was more appropriate, … And Lilith came a couple of months later without really looking. Same mum, same human.

Bagheera would have someone to talk to. My mum, who knows a lot about cats, having owned thousands I believe, was the first to name the tortoiseshell type. I had no clue what they were back then. She also said that to her knowledge they are very vocal. Bagheera certainly was and is. She tells a lot of things. In the moment she comes close and rubs, she talks!

So now Lilith  and Bagheera are best pals. Only them two for over a year. All good, all love, sweet life.


El error

And then, we moved.

On this photo we had just arrived. 24 hour journey car and ferry. And I was happy to show them outside. How stupid of me! I really think it was a bad choice, to let them out. That taught me for ever. Never make any uninformed choice.

So she went out of course and nothing happened for the best. Where we lived a lot of cats were still roaming, now hungry after all the tourists had left. It was Ethiopia like. Really a very unfortunate choice, and not the right place. As a result a lot of fights and injuries. My cats came many times with wounds and bites.

The only positive thing:  I got to know Charlie and Ibiza.

Despite the bad moments Bagheera was very courageous. She learnt a lot and she «mostly» adapted. I say mostly because she’s the escapist type. And that is sometimes a great funny thing for others who would actually race after her. So she’s easily bullied.

We eventually moved a couple of times, but never really finding a safe enough place. Furthermore, the sweet and playful moments between the two sisters was long gone. Lilith basically went after Bagheera with no peaceful intentions. Initial playful moments have not come backs since. Now they’d rather not come close and only winter naps hint at good old times.



Bagheera is not too happy about having all these room mates.  So in the evenings I take some time with her alone. She gets on well with some to the point she can sleep with them but has totally lost her sense of humour. Play time is  actually quite healing for cats. Sleeping with them is also one good trick. But play is the key!

If I had some extra money I guess I’d use the services of some cat whisperer. To do the right thing with the right attitude at the the right time. To make them live together a little more harmoniously. At least, cross each others’ path with a little less distance, a little less hissing.

Unfortunately Bagheera probably won’t make the difference between a real attack and a simple «let’s pretend I’m gonna attack you».

In any case, I try to have Bagheera with me as much as I can, If she wants. Cuddles, good foods, play-play-play and a super high pitched voice are working quite well. Never yell, no no! One scream and you can ruin weeks of work…. And let’s work on that itch of yours!

Oh but wait! Bagheera is no angel either. She can one good day decide xyz stinks and focus on the poor one. Male or female, it won’t matter. I have seen her claws in action…


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