Evita is pulling out her hair IMG 1617 e1494860777988
Almost out of flu – two still fighting the germ
March 1, 2017
Evita is pulling out her hair IMG 2138
The cat playing field
March 26, 2017
Evita is pulling out her hair admin ajax 6

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Did she start last summer? I can´t remember but it is less than a year.

The issue she has with her lovely fur I don´t know. I´ve checked for fleas. Not found. Evita eats anything really from plastics containing attached micro-bits of ham to the best dry and tasty foods.

So is it stress related? Pollen related? And why is she pulling the back and tale hair, no clue. She is very fortunate though that her fur rebuilds at the speed of light. In one week she has a brand coat. Amazing.


I read this article this morning: http://www.wikihow.com/Stop-a-Cat-from-Pulling-Its-Hair-Out. I still don´t have much of an answer and again, if this is allergy related I feel hopeless. Anyway I shall check with the vet if really prednizole is something i should try.

Not on Evita though as she has no wounds at all. Not even a tiny bite. Bagheera is probably to be tested with this, and now is a good time. Her rashes are starting. Spring here. She is out most of day and at night unless she sleeps she sort of goes mad cleaning her-self.

In the case of Evita I will try with drops of Omega oils in the food and some vitamins. Since she eats almost anything and it is natural it won´t do any harm.

Small note on February´s flu

Evita has also had the flu a few weeks ago. But I am happy to say here, that she was one of the strongest and her healing process was quick and clean. Despite her state she still went out to my disapproval.

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