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Norit in great pain
May 14, 2017
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Patty and the unfriendly ear mites
June 1, 2017
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Hello little visitor.

Now it is over a moth you are coming to my house every day.

You stay all day and by the evening you go.

You have a necklace so you either belong to someone or have had a house at some point in your life, yet you are here every day.

And…, you must have had babies.

You are so small it is amazing but I see tiny nipples.

I wonder if they’re fine.

But they must be alive, and they are most probably the reason why you are here every day.

You unfriendly little thing.
Untouchable skinny kitty.
Everyone around is scared of you.

You’ve got to give in a bit so that we can have a deal.


Oh well let’s see what happens. See you tomorrow!



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