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February 4, 2017
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February 20, 2017
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Is it possible to get such a terrible flue? All the cats are getting it. Well some have even fever. And they seem to be unable to swallow and sometimes almost throw up.

Well Tato had it. And it is almost gone now. It was 1-2 days of him not moving much and sneezing the hell out. I took care of him by giving some syrup with some antibiotics, then I saw Marco developing some strange throat things as well but not as severe so did not give him anything. I am not keen on giving medicine until really things don´t improve. I am a firm believer that for humans and animals our anti-bodies should do their share of work. And only when fever comes should you do something. Otherwise you do not allow the body to process the whole thing and create some immunisation logic.

Well, that being said I found Simba in front of the fire place mouth open, dribbling. There of course I gave her the medicine and even slept with her in case I had to move to some emergency vet. She was probably the most sick of all last week-end but eventually in the morning a little improvement.

Today Valentino is terribly sick and so is Bagheera. I´m giving the same medication to all. And I hope they will get better soon. But with the fever I get really worried.

Bagheera is particularly weak for she is possibly Fel-V positive. I always worry more. So don´t know if I´ll go to bed tonight or if I should stay up and watch out. My leaving room is sneezing and coughing and I am not an inch tired.

Really stressful. It is the first time something like that happens. I spoke to the vet last week so for now I know I am doing the right thing. But I´m worried. Even my writing is feverish.  In the meantime, yes I read that cats get the flue with fever. And if all this get´s worse, it means they go to the vet. Or at least the worst case, and all the other get the same treatment. Unfortunately, treating Valentino for instance is not easy. And Lewis is missing since last night. I saw him try to eat and then vomit as he could not properly swallow.


In the looking up some advice I found this… great.

Cat sneezing

Bear in mind that droplets from a cat sneezing, can transmit infection over a distance of many metres. It is best to keep mothers with litters of kittens in isolation until the kittens are ready to go to new homes. If you have a problem with cat flu within a group of cats, it is best to stop introducing further cats to the household or cattery.



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