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October 11, 2017
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Back in Spring, as if I had nooooothing else to do, I decided to launch a second website. was far from being finished but could help, it would sell services in order to pay for the #pet #cats of this Cathouse. (Yes I’ve decided to go totally geek with #hashtags and all SEO paraphernalia, now that we are working on rankings! Do your little magic please, #catlovers!)

The why and how of an idea is a bit of a nebulae to me. My good ideas emerge without me being aware, if you will.

I know… strange.
And sometimes they even come knock on my door, for partial delivery, only. This is what happened with Mumcat, from the domain name bought in 2014, the logo quest coming to fruition last year, the dot org and now .com, all came out of nowhere and at very different moment. Little bit by little bit and me being totally unaware of any direction. Maybe it is the only way to carry out big projects.

As for the name, I don’t know why or what inspired it, but it makes total sense. It never came to my forehead, but it’s been there all the time, in the back I mean. That’s not just a marketing idea or a dream-thought, it is what I do. Not what I am though… Mumcat it’s not me. It is the cathouse as it is now and what I want it to be in the future, the project.

There have been great things and a lot of learning. And it’s been a while now. I have a collection of memories probably as large as the photo library.

Last year after two sad events, I just started writing on .org. I was already busy on the cathouse, the album – the fan pages and the blog when the .com seemed to be more urgent. was to be totally com-commercial. Thus not depending ONLY on .org donations and be more on the safe side of things.

Too many cv’s put together triggered the idea maybe. Anyhow, it sketched a fairly good picture of learnt skills and native abilities I could sell. And I was trying to sell them anyway, but to strangers! So… why not sell them FOR US. I know, it’s called freelance but can we keep seeing the romantic side? Seeing freelancing only is being a bit short-sighted mh? Because ….

I work for my cats – it is my lifestyle

Today, the friend that’s helping with publicising the sites, asked for a presentation blurb, and that’s how I came to realise all of the work in its overall. I finally see THE big picture and how all fits together. The pieces of the puzzle took they’re final position and a bright beam of light came to wake up my T-Rex brain.

What a prolific summer! And in many ways! Read about Vainilla. But this is not only a few months’ story summarised. This is now, 9 years! The age of Bagheera. 9 years of hosting, fostering, sterilising and feeding along with even more active more dedicated people across social networks.

So the requested blurb made me come out of the fog. Sometimes words cannot really explain a deeply rooted process, nor does a long story. Images do a much better job. And as I was trying to explain in short, because less is more,  I kept being hit by the below images, and yes this is it: I work for my cats. And it looks like this:


CREATIVE WRITING paw tracks and footprints is where the stories are told, where all and each cat will have its dedicated page (only got 5 so far…). The Story and the stories, thoughts, DIY and things as we live them. It is a project to-become but a reality of today with numerous #pet #cats. #hash #hash

Whereas it is what I do for a living. As said, I work for my cats. All I have gathered in terms of professional experience has gotten into a list of services I sell. Not too expensive but enough to cover for this Cathouse.

So we accept donations on and get paid for services rendered on Pick yours, or at least spread the word, like us share us etc!

TX xxx

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