July 3, 2018
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May 13, 2017
Sad note
Tato is gone. He was part of my life and the Cathouse for over 4 years. In the hopes he comes back I am still keeping this page up. I can't shut the door. And I am leaving this in the present tense, just like I had it, originally written, when he was around. I hope you still are... somewhere. You found a better place or are on your way back.


unknown, arrived in May 2013
Family tree
Loving, needs cuddling, sucks jumpers as if it was a nipple
Primadona like "aaaahhhh" really high peeched just like he's voice.

His Character

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His Story

Home sweet home

Tato is probably the most easy going cat I have ever known. He is bigger than a small dog. But he would never do anything to harm you. I compare him with those big guys on Harley's that are actually real Teddy bears.

His story begins in May 2013 when he appears one evening. I had been hearing many fights at night, in the trees around the house. I'd go out calling for Lilith because the voice was very similar. A high pitched female cat voice.

After 3-4 days, one dark evening, a voluminous cat threw him-self at my feet... Nope, this is not Lilith. She would never do that! And, instead I see a massive black cat.

Tato was not skinny at all and wore a brown anti-parasitic collar. He was spayed too. So in the next days I started announcing him everywhere on facebook, printing flyers and calling at doors. Nothing. Ever. Not even a hint of a question about him.

His fur was not in good conditions at all. Full of scratches which would heal, but most worrying, his tale coat was thin and with "scales". Like he had suffered some flea plague or similar. In the next days I also saw he was also having stomach disorders like heavy diarrea but nothing that could not be taken care of with the adequate food and meds.

I must explain here, that back then I was not prepared to have another cat. I already had 5 and was still morning Ibiza. I was not near the end of that process. It was difficult for me to give love, when I felt so angry I had not been able to save my beloved Ibi. Tato came at a time it was difficult for me to give affection. Which in his case it was a pretty big requirement. I think I could have plugged him to my jumpers and walk around no problem. But in my mind, he was a bit like a visitor. The intention being finding a more loving forever home. His name, Tato meaning Big brother is not really the kind of names I usually give but that's how I felt he was, the big brother.

He, nevertheless, was now part of the household and had the food he liked, toys, friends and big garden he was never leaving. I tried to put him on a diet with specific dry food, which seemed delicious to all other but him. And eventually we overcame the flea and transit disorders. He became a beautiful black cat of an unknown age but most probably over 5-6 years old.

His best friend was China, a tiny female that had crossed the fence next door when only a tiny sick baby, She was now a young playful female full of energy. And so China and Tato had very funny fights where she was always the winner and Tato would be on his back screaming his aaaaaahhh, super high pitched. Quite hilarious!

New place, new habits

A few months later, I found a cheaper and cute little house in the woods. And obviously I move everybody here. I did not manage to put him in the normal cat-carrier so he spent the trip on my left shoulder ... that's how he felt comfortable... not me. But anyways we got to this house, it was past 10pm. Because he came all by him-self and because I totally trusted his instincts we both jump out of the car and he started smelling this new place. He started wandering about and probably went in the woods. That night I did not see him anymore. Sometimes I wonder if he was an abandoned cat. Maybe the car, new odours... maybe he knew all that too well already.

By the morning he was on the terrace overhanging the road, which is more a dirt track. He turned to me, came for food and cuddles. That's about it. He started living here as if he already knew it.

And then our new routine here started. A couple of months later, came Athena and Apollo. Athena and Tato shared a very similar life on the kitchen terrace side and then going out to the woods where each had its favourite spot. They never were friends, never were enemies either. They had their life now in a house when they both came from the streets.

At the beginning all was perfect.

The house back then, did not have any fenced area. Any other cat was able to come by, with or without good intentions. So that's when Tato, saw some intruders and he decided to claim his own territory.

The wild woods and their inhabitants

One of the intruders was a fierce wild cat. I call it that way because I would find him home sometimes like this was his. He would come in the kitchen, be i there or not. Of course, he left behind outrageously smelling markings. And there is something horrible about this smell, that really annoys me. And of course sometimes it is on your own bed.

Tato was not happy with him either. But this cat despite wearing a collar, was like those old rolling stones. He had a rough life and knew the good and the bad of it. This was his normal day to day. Fights became regular, steeling food too. Breaking in the house as well. He was born here and so far had survived all its dangers. Moreover, not only he was not scared of humans, he would also growl at you.

Growl is, the right word. And that is also the reason why I say he was wild. His coat was that of a wild cat, resembling that of the Ocicat in grey shades. And since 80% cat population still mixes with wild cats, I tend to think his dna carried a fairly larger amount of wild than our usual domesticated cats. He was beautiful but also dangerous. Even for me. I'd go out with a water spray and a large cardboard used as if a shield, only to do the same again and again, day after day. So Tato, once in while came back home with bad injuries. And he was not the only one. Not only scratches but also deep bites that would heal fast on him.

But still it was annoying to see that my peaceful teddy-cat was turning into a bullying street cat. Because I noticed with the time, that the other was basically coming over for the food. Everyone around would just flee at the spot of Mr. Wild-wild. But Tato would start following him and in the distance I would next hear his now so typical and known shouting. Moreover he took on a daily mission to find Mr. Wild and confront him.

Changing hotel room

By the autumn of 2014 the cathouse had more inhabitants and in the spring of 2015 the number increased again.

Too many, to Tato's taste.

All that summer, I knew Tato was fine, because I'd spotted him here and there, but he would not come home. Did his chasing Mr. Wild bring him far away? Too far way? But then I would suddenly see him eating from the outside bowl. The food being available most of the time, he would sleep where ever and come when ever. I always left him free in moments most of the other cats where in the fenced part of the house. Tato was never locked. Or only by mistake. He did not like it but it was no drama either. He would sit by the door, obvious sign that he wanted out.

And I believe that his rivalry expeditions also got him into visiting neighbouring houses. And by the end of 2015 he established him-self single dweller in another home. A new neighbour who seemed to be a cat lover had settled not too far away. Eventually I made contact with him and explained about Tato. The guy seemed more than happy to have him. All by him-self again, Tato had found him-self a new forever place.

He was not stay there alone for very long either. But all was fine for quite some time. He found a much less stressed human, with more love to give, much more room and food just for him.

About age and health

In 2016 however, by the end of that summer, Tato was showing up again constantly for food.

At first, I suspected it was because I feed cats with more than dry food. Once a day they get some tasty cat processed foods or some real meat from either fish, chicken or beef.

My late night job, made me show up around 2am and there he was waiting.

And that's when the weird behaviour started. Tato would eat and suddenly rush back in the woods followed by piercing shouts.

Between the two houses, we lost time. Nobody was doing anything, thinking the other would.

And then the neighbour had to move. He expedited his going away in three weeks but could not take the cats where he was going. I offered to take care of the cats until he could again. Five cats, Tato, Loulou, Pandy, Patty and Lala.

Sometimes humans, we are bit useless, we have are own priorities and the pets can only suffer the consequences. But Tato either sensed all that turmoil or his condition made him come back home a little before the other kitties. By the time the girls came here, Tato was already all set for a couple of weeks. No longer going into fights, not moving much.

I lost too much time if you ask me, but eventually I found a deal for Tato's mouth issues with a close by vet. They did the cleaning, and told me it would be ok within a week. It didn't. No drastic changes, he still could not eat dry food, not after a week, not after two. At the vet, I just got to know he suffered from Stomatitis. Good to know, but now what? He had lost weight becoming a normal sized cat maybe for the first time in his life, or at least I have never seen him like this. I somehow managed to find things he would like and would not hurt, but it was not quality food.

Finally I returned to my usual vet. He suspected something deeper.  Fiv or feline leukaemia. After testing his blood, it turned out, Tato was Fiv positive. Fiv is Hiv, for those that are not acquainted with the feline world. This auto-inmune condition triggers, from some normal tar accumulation around the teeth, an abnormal response from the system. As a result a massive inflammation of the gums, end of palate and beginning of the throat. This is what was causing the yelling. Even something too rich, like the A/D restorative care was something he could not take.

At that stage the question was: So now what? How can he feed him-self? To vet explained the next steps but what we could try in the meantime.

Now Tato eats "cooked"  dry food. His bowl has this mashed consistence but he likes it. He eats it with tuna or some other tasty toppings so that I can also stick there some medication when the drooling starts again. The drooling is a sure indicator the inflammation is back. We tried the anti inflammatory injection, but sincerely it has not been that effective. So next, and very soon, we need to plan the teeth removal. The vet says this should allow a better quality of life for whatever time.

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