Responsible pet owner

Care of my cats. Love, food, play, health etc

Foster home

Help find forever homes and foster cats´ while in transition.

Spay & Neuter

Spay & neuter street cats. Help relocate when possible.

Promotion & Networking

Share and advertise actions, campaigns and others needs (ie adoptions, sterilisation etc)


The daily routine of the cats of #mumcatorg on our insta feed
A #catlife @mumcatorg in pics and vids and sometimes a longer post caption.
13 Pets
4 Fostered
3 ready adoption
1 funding sterilization

The Cathouse

  • Ibiza

    Read in:
  • Tato

    Read in: I need to amend this fanpage with a sad note:  Tato is gone. He was part of my life and the Cathouse for over […]
    Tato IMG 0630
  • Bagheera

    Read in: agheera was born on the 26 of September of 2008. The jewellery teacher told us one day her Kitty had had a litter. We […]
    Bagheera IMG 0448 1 e1505736110133
  • Oliva

    Read in:
    Oliva Oliva fanpage IMG 2216 1
  • Lilith

    Read in: My little witch cat – big traveller – and mum. From Balcony jumps to disappearing – Lilith is a free yet sensible soul.
    Lilith IMG 0856 1

Some dates

  • December 2008Bagheera

    My 1st pet
  • May 2009Lilith

    our second family member
  • February 2011...!

    Lilith's 5
  • April 2016...!

    busy month - 6 neutered & spayed
  • December 20165 new souls to host!

    Panda arrives with... family
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